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pet loss support recommendations

Dr. Katie Lawlor, Psy.D.

I offer my frequent live discussions on my Instagram on anticipatory grief and pet loss. I have also been a featured guest on numerous podcasts.
If you are a member of the veterinary and shelter medicine communities, I would encourage you to engage in the free and confidential support services offered by the Veterinary Mental Health Initiative (VMHI) which I founded

Wolfies Wish

We offer online support resources, online support groups and the first affirmation cards for pet loss which you can purchase on the website 

Shay Guerrero - Alebrije Artist

My custom Alebreijes are fantastical versions of your beloved pet transformed into your afterlife spiritual guardian. Full of beautiful patterns, designs and out of this world colours. Made famous by Mexican folk artist Pedro Linares. You can see my full collection on Instagram
Let me help you celebrate your heART dogs transition into your Alebrije, you can find out about customs on my Etsy

Beth Bigler - Pet Loss Grief Counselor 

I am a double certified Pet Loss Grief Counselor, certified end of life animal companion doula and trained pet chaplain.
I work with individuals and families before, during and after after the loss of their beloved animal companion.
I share daily content and tips on my Instagram

I work closely with animal care workers, veterinary professionals and many pet industry brands on grief training and awareness.
You can see more on my website 

More Coming Soon
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