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As an artist living in Hampshire, I spend the majority of my days

in a comfortable hoody,lost in the process of creating something beautiful

in the studio with a mug full of coffee & my two dogs by my side.  

I have always drawn through my life experiences as as an outlet of emotion.

From my love of dogs fostered by a life full of pets, to the challenges

I’ve faced and overcome, and experience with grief and sadness,

my art is a reflection of the world as I see it and a way to express myself.

about me


Why 'Ladybug Art'?

I started by business in 2013, as a lone parent to a baby and my dog by my side we were a tripod. With not a lot, but each other
I as the Lady, Bug as my daughter and the Paw print in the middle holding us altogether. Although it may not be clear to everyone, I hold it as a badge of the true meaning of love. 

Why 'Pet Loss Art'?

Throughout my life I have experienced loss. Both human and animal. The impact it has and the grief you learn to live with is something that I believe we should talk about more often. Sometimes we suppress our grief for many reasons, because we are told we need to be 'over it' because we don't want to make others feel uncomfortable. 
To me, the bond we have with animals is something not everybody understands. I create art with my feelings, my emotions and my story. They were here and they will always be here with everything they left behind, in our heads in our homes and in our hearts

The Studio

 In a rural country setting I spend my time with the background noise of the birds songs, rain droplets hitting the roof and the wind.
My studio is a whimsical place where my creativity can flow 

Bringing Pet Loss Art Everywhere

As the original pet loss artist, with over 10 years of interacting with customers, clients and art collectors. My goal is to bring a safe space into communities and society. Whether festivals, podcasts or social groups, I want it full of colour inside and out where people can speak openly about the loss of their pet, take a moment, share a memory or celebrate their life with me.  

I speak openly about my experience in the loss of my dog in 2021 and will forever spend the rest of my days on a journey devoted to her knowing she was loved

Want to collaborate with me? 

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