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As an artist living in Hampshire, I spend the majority of my days

in a comfortable hoody,lost in the process of creating something beautiful

in the studio with a mug full of coffee & my two dogs by my side.  

I have always drawn through my life experiences as as an outlet of emotion.

From my love of dogs fostered by a life full of pets, to the challenges

I’ve faced and overcome, my art is a reflection of the world as I see it

and always found a way to express myself.

I’ve worked in many different jobs throughout the years,

but my passion has always been creating art.

It is only natural that I now focus on my art full time! 

As an introvert, I have always found solace in my artwork.

LadybugArt is my personal expression of empathy,

passion and creativity.

This is where I feel most in touch with my inner self.



In between being a mother, in the studio and napping, you'll find me obsessing over senior dogs and rescue dog stories on social media.

I myself experienced the worst loss of my life so far in December 2021 when after nearly 14 beautiful years

together, my brindle beauty left this earth. This may not have been the first loss I have dealt with but by far impacted my life massively to create a community with LadybugArt so that myself and many others do not have to suppress our grief to fit today's society

Want to know some common questions I get asked?

Personal FAQ page coming soon



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