It’s me. I am a self taught artist living in Hampshire, UK. LadybugArt was born in 2014 by myself. I found myself sketching in my spare time between work and parenting to keep the memories. After finding a dog network on social media I decided to donate artwork and raise money for online animal charities. I decided to push my art and became LadybugArt full time.

LadybugArt found success as a Relatable Online Art Source a few years after it was founded. The comfort and care art can bring through sadness and grief is somewhat magical.


But to keep growing and expanding year after year requires an innovative and engaging approach. From working with customers through the selection process right up until artwork delivery, my commitment to provide impeccable comfort, care & customer service and being a well-respected Online Artist

​You can find me on many social media platforms

I will continue to grow my style, heart, and knowledge to the stories and memories of those animals we have let go. I have loved and lost a fair few animals in my life and I love to know after their soul grew tired of their body on earth they will continue life around us and meet us at the bridge when the time comes, only to continue our lives in the next..

​To have not only be certified as a grief loss companion but going through the journey myself and the healing process I can only be truthful in my work and I am so grateful the social networks have become a safe space for people to share too.


My Online Art became highly successful and continues to grow ever since. I love creating art that represents our bonds we have and continue to celebrate the ones we can no longer see. 

Through the wonderful network created by social media I was asked to join John in conversation in 2021, since the original podcast aired I lost my sweet Roo. John and his studio is a safe space to talk all things dog so it was a beautifully tragic way to share my last day.

​You can listen to mine as well as so many others here