Dogstival Weekend

Oh my goodness. Let me just start by saying I very rarely leave the studio, and if I do its only to go home. But the one weekend a year I dedicate myself to is Dogstival. Yes I said it right, a dog festival. Over 40,000 attended over the weekend as it was absolute bliss.

We got there on the Friday to set up and work our way around the map then camped behind the stall over the 2 nights

The little LadybugArt stall was center of it all and surrounded by so many independent businesses that I personally adore.

The best thing about it was that everyone that attended were dog people, meaning we all had something in common.

The music was incredible, red bull bmx, food, weather, drinks, funfair, products but most of all DOGS

I spoke about the layout a few times because last year I had a bucket of treats at the front, a huge black Labrador happened to demolish the majority of the bucket, so this year I had the natural treats at the back, guess who wanders in this year…. Ralphy boy, I was so happy to see him and yes he got a limited amount of treats. His mum loved him so much he’s such a good boy.

Another certain somebody I was looking out for was Boris. A rescue staffy who lost his eyes in a fire…. well they came too and of course the kisses were handed out in the hundreds.

I met so many new lovely hairy babies, Tilly the Rottweiler, Lennon the staff, Stanley, Charlie, Rosie, Mabel and the rest and I love them all

Luckily I had 2 rainbow bridge banners made for the weekend. So many lovely names and messages added for those we will meet at the rainbow. I will continue to add names over the years

Its the only time I have a stall and I won’t be looking to do anymore because Dogstival is just my favourite.

Oh I forgot to mention for those who have followed me for a while…. The allergy thing…. Is very real, my fingers blistered up by Saturday afternoon and I’m still covered in rashes. But would I ever let anything stop me from touching a dog…. Absolutely NOT

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